Modern office privileges that increase productivity

Work environments are transforming. Even the most corporate companies are abandoning the dreary greys and whites and opting for colour and comfort. More and more studies are being published which confirm what we all know to be true. People become more productive if they’re happy. That means businesses would benefit from creating an environment that employees thrive in. A comfortable space with a few basic comforts means employees aren’t rushing home to unwind, they’re empowered to take small breaks throughout the day.

Creating an aesthetically pleasing workspace also lowers employees’ stress levels at an unconscious level. That means they might not even be aware of it, they just know that being at work in a modern office doesn’t feel unpleasant and dreary. Lowered stress levels mean fewer sick days, better output of work, and a greater sense of enthusiasm for the ordinary daily tasks at hand.

Here are the easiest ways to implement the best modern office comforts to boost productivity and create a happy harmonious work environment.

Rest and relaxation is all part of the plan

Create a dedicated area for workers to sit down and enjoy a break. Research indicates that associative behaviour is a powerful way to help employees maintain higher concentration levels. Relaxation time should be spent away from the desk. That means that the brain knows when it is seated before the computer, it is working time.

A separate area that is designed to encourage relaxation will afford workers a much-needed space to have a breather. Having a break is crucial in maintaining high levels of concentration, so for better productivity, have a break area.

modern office

Office plants in a modern office design

Using plants in your decor is a powerful psychological tool! Inviting the outdoors inside holds measurable value to those spending a significant amount of time in an office.

Forbes Magazine recently covered this topic: “It emerged that when we work in green-certified offices, we get a 26% boost in cognition, and 30% fewer sickness-related absences. What’s more, respondents also reported a 6% rise in their sleep quality.”

Furthermore, office plants also give clients and visitors a favourable first impression at your premises. Your premises create the impression that you pay attention to detail and that you take pride in your business. At FSG, we love to see the change that takes place when companies introduce office plants to the workspace. Our office plant services include:

Water cooler rental for modern offices

‘Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink’.

A saying once used by stranded sailors suddenly applies to everyone in built-up areas. Tap water has become increasingly unpalatable and many health-conscious individuals are concerned about the high levels of chlorine in our drinking water.

For that reason, water coolers offer an effective alternative to tap water, especially if you want to embrace the culture that comes with a modern office. Water coolers provide pure water that is convenient to access, clean, cool, and free of charge.

Water is responsible for so many crucial bodily functions. It is the carrier for nutrients that go to the brain. If the body is not well-hydrated, the brain has difficulty receiving the nutrients it needs to perform well, which will affect short term memory, concentration levels, and the ability to perform complex cognitive functions. Water gives us brainpower!

FSG supplies fresh, clean water and water coolers. Here’s a rundown of how we can service your business with fresh water:

Coffee and a hot beverage station

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The coffee culture has taken the world by storm. What started as a genuine “get-going” morning tonic for working people has turned into a fantastic trend that’s fully embraced in modern office designs.

Not only does the caffeine boost do wonders for those needing an energy kick, but it also increases focus, determination, and gives workers the opportunity to bond with each other over a steaming cuppa joe. Learn more about getting the best coffee machines and supplies in the business, view our services page:

Modernising your office design for better business

Team building is not an activity that should only be considered once a year, it is a way of operating on a daily basis. Giving employees the opportunity to relax and get to know each other in a happy and harmonious modern office space will reflect positively in the office’s productivity.

Modernising your office design is not a business expense, it’s an investment. The returns will make it easier to close deals after meetings held at your premises, it will give you increased productivity from your workforce, and create a space you and your staff enjoy functioning in, after all, this is where you spend the bulk of your waking life.

To modernise your office with these soft services, contact us directly, or view our services page.