3 Reasons to build an outdoor entertainment area

Loose ends. They hold nothing together, and each one seems to fray at its own pace. An outdoor entertainment area, along with all the other small goals you had around the house, is no exception.

Loose ends are the main ingredient of the year-end, taking up all your time. There you were, thinking you were going to get those last big goals out of the way for the year. Instead, the little details that have been piling up on the sides all year are knocking at the door and asking for their dues. It’s mighty frustrating!

How about freeing up some of that time? Or better yet, having an area to kick back in when the stress season has gone?

Loose ends in the home don’t only drive you mad, they hamper your productivity too. It’s another item on your mental to-do list. Your home should serve as a sanctuary – a safe haven to seek comfort and rest at. That’s why it’s time to build that outdoor entertainment area and tie up those loose ends in the home.

If that’s not enough motivation, here are three reasons to build an outdoor entertainment area now (with key features for easier hosting).

An outdoor entertainment area increases relaxation (by seducing the brain)

We mentioned kerb (or curb) appeal a few times in the past. Kerb appeal is the term given to the visual impression you give passersby and visitors. It’s the first impression, the eye contact before a handshake.

Visual appeal is important, a look at the brain proves it and an outdoor entertainment area enhances it.

When you arrive home, your brain immediately switches gears, as the back cortex signals the frontal cortex that it’s time to relax. It does this with endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, which makes it feel like a “mild ecstasy”. Nothing’s as good as kicking off your shoes when you get home, right?

There are ways to increase this sensation. Combine the comforts of indoor living with the calming effects of nature to pack a powerful punch to your chill time. An outdoor entertainment area, on a weekday, serves to entertain yourself only. Sip on a cold one while you enjoy the fresh air rejuvenating your senses.

To achieve a balance between nature and comforts, incorporate plants into the design. Pot plants are versatile and enhance the brain chemistry we call ‘relaxation’. Pillars with a few creepers and vines offer an Italian vintage villa appeal. Neat and trimmed topiaries provide a modern and upmarket sensation – it’s all about the style that works for you.

Ain’t no party like a home-based party

There’s no joy like sharing a few cold ones with friends. That said, family gatherings and important events are easier to celebrate at home, too. With an outdoor entertainment area at home, you’ll be saving money and removing the need to entertain responsibly. No need for a designated driver.

For this to work, it’s important to have a spacious area that everyone feels comfortable in, and, that can handle a little mess without feeling cluttered. The area needs to facilitate smokers, provide comfortable seating, offer easy access to refrigerated beverages and ice, and there should be ample space for food preparation and enjoyment. An area that is predominantly free of breakables may go a long way too.

Picture natural looking concrete slabs as countertops and matching paving. A clean and uncluttered surface with an open plan design makes it easy to prepare food while entertaining guests – no more disappearing to fetch snacks! A fire pit and braai facility will keep the conversation crackling happily.

Get a great ROI from your outdoor entertainment area

Suppose for a moment you’re speaking from a business perspective only, considering what is logical and what makes sense, financially.

Imagine having the opportunity to invest in that higher quality of life, knowing you will have the opportunity to redeem up to 75% of the money you’ve spent.

That means, in the end, you’ve only spent 25% of the quoted amount on achieving that quality of life, all thanks to the value increase your property will enjoy.

Not only can you increase your house’s price, but it will sell faster too, allowing you to reach your goals faster. Easier sale for more money? Sounds great.
An outdoor entertainment area is an investment

These facilities are not only beautiful but also useful. We work aesthetic appeal into the design to ensure your market value sees the highest possible increase for the money you have spent. Return on investment can start working for you now!

FSG is excited to help you tie up those loose ends and build you a superb outdoor entertainment area to enjoy this summer.

Enlist the services of an old hand in the industry. FSG offers the following home improvement services that are designed to give you the best possible return on investment with superior quality:

As they say “if you’ve asked a man to do something, he will do it, there’s no need to remind him every six months”. End the pattern now, get the loose ends in the home tied off and watch your market value grow as fast as your friendship circle does. Request a quote.