3 Ways to increase clients’ trust in your business with your office design

New year, new me – right? That’s what everyone’s saying right now. What if you took that energy that went into new year’s resolutions and focused 100% of it into your business, now, in January?

That would give you the capital and the leverage to truly live the “new year, new me” reality by mid-year, avoiding the slump most individuals experience because by then, your business will be carrying the work for you. It’s all about first impressions. Your office design is the first impression visitors get from your business. It’s easy-peasy to create an office space that sells your services for you, once you know how.

Here are 3 ways you can improve your office design to make a better first impression – which in turn builds trust and improves sales.

Office design and plants to inspire trust and increase client confidence

Green is the colour of safety – consumer psychology tells us that green means go. It’s also the most soothing colour. The human eye can distinguish more shades of green than any other shade – we were built to function among the greenery of plants.

We said upgrading your office design and business’ first impression was easy – but you didn’t realise it was this easy: Simply add pot plants. Pot plants serve a number of purposes – the obvious is that it adds a really beautiful aesthetic appeal. It tells visitors that you care about your space, you’re invested. This inspires trust – not to mention – the ability to look after plants.

Plants also help to increase productivity by around 15%. They refresh the air, digesting many of the pollutants we would normally breathe in. Studies have revealed office plants have a profound effect on our minds too, inspiring a calming effect and helping the brain to reach its optimal concentration levels. Is it any wonder they’re essential for effective office design?

If you lack green fingers, don’t despair. Our office department offers a comprehensive service in this regard. We will deliver and maintain your indoor growing companions, ensuring your office looks spritely and on trend. Enquire, or request a quote, here.

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Coffee to fuel those lucrative meetings and increase team morale

Coffee is famous for its ability to drive productivity. Is it any wonder it helps to swing a favourable outcome during business meetings if clients are able to sip a hot cuppa joe while they make their decisions? Who doesn’t love visiting a business and being offered a coffee? It’s the cherry on top of good office design.

Coffee also helps employees to buckle down and get through their to-do lists, especially as that afternoon slump hits. Help them to concentrate by providing great coffee – not a chicory blend – but the real thing – strong, caffeinated, and delicious.

Office banter around the coffee machine has also shown a positive effect on the overall performance of a business. A team that has the opportunity to exchange small talk over a cuppa joe shows the same effects as a team that regularly attends team-building seminars – which are expensive and time-consuming. Get your team-building done at work, without sacrificing a great time or pumping large budgets into it. It’s all in the coffee!

Our office department not only supplies coffee machines on a rental basis or as a sale, but we also keep them fully-stocked, cleaned and maintained – and brimming with caffeine. Learn more about our coffee machine services here.

Branded water bottles for a grand first impression of your business

Picture this. You have a meeting with a business you’re thinking of hiring. Upon arriving, you’re offered a hot beverage. You’re seated at a beautiful boardroom table decorated with trendy plants and crisply cooled with aircon. The office design is trendy and comfortable. Your seating area contains a water bottle – for your use – with the company’s details on its label. You feel valued and confident that you are in good hands. It’s that professionalism.

Offer your business the same client-confidence. Pay attention to the details. It’s not about flaunting affluence, it’s about thoughtfulness towards your visitors, ensuring they feel valued. The easiest way to achieve this is to remember genuine pleasantries, eye contact, and by including a few details. Branded water bottles available in meetings are very effective – they add to the effect your office design will have on your potential clients.

Our office design department supplies branded water bottles as well as fresh, cool mineral water. Simply get in touch to share your label design with us.

Office design to increase sales is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Three simple steps to upgrade your office design can increase your client retention. Increase your business’ ability to convert visitors into long-term clients, it’s easy. The truth is that the devil is in the details – it’s the little things that direct clients’ decision-making in a particular direction.

Ready to focus on your business? Let’s grow your potential to new heights. Contact our Office Department, let’s get that first impression to a place where it’s lucrative and improving your influx of business. Enquire now.