Reasons to outsource contract cleaning services

Commercial and industrial cleaning services requires a specialist approach. FSG offers contracted cleaning services to help businesses in any industry achieve compliance. The services we offer include:

cleaning services

It’s a cost-saver

Hiring a team of professionals proves to be more cost-effective because you’re able to cut out your HR costs. Recruitment and managing leave cycles of the staff are time-consuming. Research also indicates that professionals are able to sweep in and get more work done in a shorter space of time. A professional is also able to do the work to a higher standard, being trained and experienced.

A contracted cleaning service would charge you a set fee which would cover all your cleaning needs. Consider the costs of sourcing cleaning products at retail price, hiring and training staff, and managing the HR processes. When you combine these factors you realise hiring a professional company not only cuts costs, it cuts headaches too.

Service with a smile

Business is pretty tough out there. Companies are willing to work to gain their clients’ trust and approval. As the client, you can expect a high level of responsiveness and excellent service.

You and the service provider are both aware that you can take your business elsewhere. An employment contract ties you into an agreement, breaking out of that agreement requires a complex process. Contracted cleaning services cater to businesses seeking to fulfil a long-term need. They also help those who need ADHOC assistance.

You can upgrade or downscale your services at any time. Enjoy service at the whims of your budget without being locked in – you’re free as a bird.

Cleaning service and specialised industry experience

Jobs are high in demand but skilled workers are difficult to come by. Hiring a professional cleaning service company simplifies the sourcing of experienced workers. These service providers, like FSG, have in-house training to ensure the teams are up to date on the latest cleaning techniques.

Their sole focus is on cleaning. The teams are trained to deliver cleaning that would ensure a business is compliant with Health and Safety Regulations. Hospitals and restaurants are prime examples. These industries require a unique approach because cleaning is not only about aesthetics.

It’s about achieving a level of hygiene that is safe for the general health of the public. At FSG, our cleaning service teams are also trained on proper workplace etiquette to ensure they’re always a pleasure to have around.

Liability and insurance hassles are reduced

Bills and admin. Admin, and bills. It’s no one’s favourite aspect of work but it’s necessary – or – is it? A contracted cleaning company can shift a large portion of this paperwork out of your office. After all, life as a client is supposed to be a breeze. The nature of the cleaning service business brings legal considerations.

Especially when it comes to staff liabilities. Ensuring you are covered for these risks requires insurance, which requires another set of processes and more budget. A contracted cleaning services company shoulders all of this. In the unlikely event that some accident occurs on your premises related to cleaning, your service provider handles every aspect of that.

A contracted cleaning service company is like the best buddy you wish you had, the one that will always take the fall for you.

The benefits of contracted cleaning services

With fewer administrative and HR tasks on your schedule, you’re afforded more focus for the tasks that drive your business forward. Commercial and industrial cleaning service areas are specific niche industries of their own. They require a professional team with experience and knowledge of the legal requirements for compliance.
At FSG, we’ve got a specialised and dedicated team for this purpose. It’s not about client service, satisfaction, or any other cliche. It’s about surprising you with our pleasant mannerisms and outdoing your expectations of our service. Request an obligation-free quote from us, let’s find the best cleaning contract solution for your company.