About FSG and the unique approach to

Your premises:
always picture perfect

We use world-class facility management tools to monitor your property’s condition. Thanks to our photo-reporting and KPI systems we have a comprehensive image library of the work we’ve done on your premises. You can access these images at any time for a full play-by-play of the facility management results you’ve enjoyed with FSG.

About FSG facility management service with a smile

Behind the scenes, we lay the foundations for stellar teamwork! Our facility management team undergoes rigorous training to ensure they’re phenomenal at their jobs. They also receive soft skills training – the art of building positive working relationships. We hire our teams with great scrutiny to ensure we have a tight-knit group of happy people. Our clients always enjoy cheerful service!

About FSG facility management rewards program

FSG’s Rewards Program thanks our clients for their continued support. You’ll earn loyalty points on your facility management contract, which are redeemable against additional services. Chat with us to learn about using your points to boost your BEE score.


To simplify property maintenance for our clients with our turnkey facility management services. To build trust with our reliable services that consistently exceed expectations.

Our core values and points of pride include:
Exceptional Level 2 BEE status.125% procurement recognition. Value-added supplier status, and Emphasis on promoting and uplifting black female leaders within our group and in their communities.



To enhance the surroundings in which our clients thrive while growing our reputation for customer service to exceed expectations.



We simplify property and facility management.
We are committed to your timelines, always on time and on budget.
We excel as a team, inspired through motivation, incentives, and the satisfying reward of a job well done.
We grow our company, our brand, and our staff every day by realising our vision and fulfilling our mission.


Empowering diversity and excellence in unity

We are a multicultural group of exceptional people, all motivated and driven by the mutual goal of becoming leaders in our industry. As with all things, we don’t simply aim to comply, we aim to excel.

Through our facility management client benefit programs, we offer our clients the opportunity to benefit from our socio-economic development projects and initiatives.

We are driven to support the Exempted Micro Enterprises (EME) and Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE) of our country. We offer you the same reward and opportunity through potential EME and QSE procurement benefits within our group.

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