Flooding With Kindness

Overwatering happens quickly, and never on purpose. We suspect “Lockdowners” will find themselves spending more time watering their plants than usual. Signs to look out for set up by our very own Plant Whisperer, Jo-Ann. Leaves that appear limp, weak or wilted Leaves falling off stems easily Leaves appear to have scorched or burnt tipsRead More

“Lockdown, Garden Sanctuaries and You.”

To many of us, the South African Lockdown has become quite the purgatory. We’ve got a lot of time on our hands and without the drive to be productive staying at home becomes a slow descent into madness. For a lot of South Africans, their gardens are their sanctuary, and it’s not too late toRead More

Benefits of off-site monitoring.

An ongoing debate within the security industry is the topic of reliability between remote monitoring and on-site monitoring. In truth, off-site monitoring is just one way to protect your property and can deter criminal activity before it even happens. Conventional methods of booms, guards, high walls and controlling key access points have long been seenRead More

Garden tips for when you’re away

Your gardens need to be cared for at all times, even while you’re away for the festive season. There are plenty of ways for you to care for your gardens without you needing to be home sooner than you want to be. Here’s how: Keep your garden watered: Water your gardens a day before youRead More

Security measures for your holiday shutdown period

Everyone loves the end of year shutdown. It gives us a reason to take a break, unwind, and go on an adventure. And by the end of the year, a break is usually much needed! But what happens to the office when everyone clears out for the holidays? Is it secure when no one’s thereRead More

Save water and maintain a thriving business

Water is a precious resource, so we have a duty to conserve it where possible. And not just at home, but in the office too. Is your business efficient when it comes to its water usage? There are plenty of ways you can save water at work without affecting the success of your business. AndRead More

5 reasons to invest in an access control system

Wanting to up your office security, but not sure where to begin? An electronic access control system would be a good place to start. You’ll be able to control who comes in and out of your premises – a valuable security measure in the prevention of crime. Keen to invest in one of these systemsRead More

Artificial grass vs real grass: Which is better for your sports field?

Sports field maintenance is no walk in the park. Grass fields need regular trims, irrigation and fertilising, especially during spring (read more about our treatments). There’s also the option of artificial grass, but this has a maintenance regimen of its own – one involving specialist contractors. So, artificial grass vs real grass – which comesRead More

Breathe cleaner air with indoor plants

You’re sitting in the office, sipping a cup of coffee, and notice that you’re feeling a bit off. A bit sluggish. In fact, you’ve been feeling this way for a while. But why? You get enough sleep, go to the gym and take your vitamins – especially the most important one, Vitamin C (for Caffeine!).Read More

Clean hands in the workplace

We take our showers and brush our teeth two-to-three times a day. Our floors get swept and dishes scrubbed, dirty clothes are thrown in the washer and sheets are always fresh. So in a nutshell, you could say hygiene is very important to us. But what about when we’re in the office? Even if ourRead More

Large-scale indigenous landscaping

We deliver large-scale landscaping services from planning and installation to sign-off and ongoing maintenance.

Protect your business with a proper security plan

Keep your business safe with an up-to-date security plan, improved cybersecurity and physical security.