Breathe cleaner air with indoor plants

You’re sitting in the office, sipping a cup of coffee, and notice that you’re feeling a bit off. A bit sluggish. In fact, you’ve been feeling this way for a while. But why? You get enough sleep, go to the gym and take your vitamins – especially the most important one, Vitamin C (for Caffeine!).Read More

Clean hands in the workplace

We take our showers and brush our teeth two-to-three times a day. Our floors get swept and dishes scrubbed, dirty clothes are thrown in the washer and sheets are always fresh. So in a nutshell, you could say hygiene is very important to us. But what about when we’re in the office? Even if ourRead More

Large-scale indigenous landscaping

We deliver large-scale landscaping services from planning and installation to sign-off and ongoing maintenance.

Protect your business with a proper security plan

Keep your business safe with an up-to-date security plan, improved cybersecurity and physical security.

Winter flowers: What to grow in the colder months

As the world around us turns brown and nature falls asleep under the frosty blankets of winter, many gardens are only changing their colours, staying as gloriously alive as ever. Winter is the season of spectacular colour as winter bulbs and flowers come into bloom. Did you think it was the season for the gardenRead More

Water-wise gardening: How to do it

Water-wise gardening is earth-friendly, budget-friendly, low-maintenance, and it keeps your garden beds looking fantastic throughout the changing seasons. Is it any wonder this practice is turning into an enormously popular trend? Implementing water-wise practices Implementing the latest water-wise concepts in your garden can be quite involved. Beyond using a watering can instead of a hosepipe.Read More

Hardscaping – The shortcut to breathtaking and low-maintenance premises

Now that winter is upon us, it’s time to get the property ready for visitors. This is unofficially the season for premises improvement. Hardscaping is one of our favourite topics to discuss – partly because it’s interesting, but mostly because we’re REALLY good at it. The truth about hardscaping Why hardscaping? Well, we’re old handsRead More

Indoor plants: 3 Subtle ways to drastically improve your productivity

As the younger generation moves into entrepreneurial positions, the working environment is changing. The previously drab, air-conditioned offices with small grey cubicles are replaced with open and collaborative work environments, bright colours, comfortable break rooms – and every corner has a trendy indoor plant. Every office can benefit from more indoor plants, not just theRead More

Polyphagous shothole borer: this ‘smaller-than-a-bullet’ beetle could destroy South Africa’s biodiversity

An uninvited visitor has entered our borders, and, like most unwanted guests, it’s going to be difficult to show him the door. While he stays, he’s bringing fungal diseases with him, which pose a very real threat to us as it destroys trees. Meet, the polyphagous shothole borer (Euwallacea fornicatus), a tiny but potentially disastrousRead More

Health and safety innovations: Meet the Clean-Trace hygiene monitoring device

Have you ever seen this in movies? It’s something you wouldn’t think relates to health and safety or hygiene. Especially because it’s usually in those makeover shows where they transform people’s homes or hotels into a trendier establishment. They walk into a bedroom and shine one of those bioluminescent lights on the bed, revealing theRead More

Commercial landscaping: Boost your business with high curb appeal

As a business owner, you know the importance of presenting a professional image. That image extends beyond your dress and businesslike manner – it also includes your office premises. Often companies invest in their interiors but forget the face of their headquarters, the exterior. What makes commercial landscaping the best choice for your business? We’veRead More

Landscaping project: 155 West Street, Sandton

We love nothing better than sinking our teeth into a new landscaping project, especially one in Sandton’s bustling commercial district. During our recent installation, we had the pleasure of collaborating with landscaping architect Karen, from Ochre. Our client, Redefine, required the service at their renovated office building, 155 West Street, Sandton. The building is aRead More