Cleaning services: Get your business OSHA compliant

Spring is about to unfurl around us. The sluggish and icy days of winter should be melting away to reveal a fresh start. The new beginnings we are all looking forward to, do not happen on their own… There’s a cleaning process involved. Our homes are undergoing spring cleans and our workspaces should, too. For that reason, FSG’s cleaning services are about to enjoy its busiest months, and, during these months we are often asked why we don’t offer home cleaning services too. We specialise in deep cleaning, which is a very different service to home cleaning. Here are 3 ways deep cleaning differs from home cleaning.

Deep cleaning services are different to home cleaning services.

Home cleaning is important, and if you are paying for a service high standards are expected. Commercial and deep cleaning services, however, have to adhere to a different level of cleaning service delivery altogether. Deep cleaning for commercial spaces, like hospitals, laboratories, food factories, and even shopping malls are legally required to attain a certain level of hygiene. This is for public health, which means a completely different process is used, alongside unique tools, both of which require very specialised training for staff. This training extends beyond removing dirt and tidying well.

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FSG’s cleaning services are SABS approved and environmentally aware.

We’re all waking up to the importance of being environmentally aware and sensitive. Cleaning products frequently end up in ponds, in the sea, in the natural environment around us, and even in our food. Most of us clean our own homes, use supermarket brands when we buy cleaning agents and detergents. Sadly, most antibacterial products don’t only kill bad germs, they also kill the good bacteria that we need to keep us healthy.

At FSG, we use a product called Beyond Green which makes use of biotechnology, meaning there are no harsh chemicals. Instead, they use natural chemical and other reactions like nanotechnology, phytotechnology, and biotechnology. These methods are so effective, this product has earned itself SABS approval. That’s how we achieve a level of clean that complies with, if not exceeds, the expectations of the Health and Safety Act of South Africa without harming the environment or using harsh chemicals.

Cleaning services benefit businesses – Fewer employees.

Outsourcing your cleaning services and hygiene needs offers unforeseen advantages too. Fewer staff members means a shorter payroll. It also means you can expect consistently high standards to be delivered, alongside excellent client service without the hassles of managing employees. Outsourcing the work also means you are able to make use of a contractual agreement. This can work out to be more cost-effective and reliable.

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What does your business require from a deep cleaning service?

Deep cleaning can involve different activities based on the industry and the needs of our clients. The industries we serve vary too, we offer deep cleaning to both corporate and industrial sectors, with clients in retail, hospitality, catering and food preparation, medical settings, automotive sectors and more. Some of our cleaning services include:

Deep cleaning for commercial and industrial settings requires a level of precision and attention to detail equal to none in order to be OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) compliant. The purpose of the OSHA act is to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for workers to function in. It also means that the general public is protected. Hospitals are in particular need of this. If an infected individual was in an area, that area needs to be disinfected immediately to prevent the spread of disease. As a service provider, we gladly rise to these duties. For more information on our cleaning services, visit our services page, or contact us via our contact form or call us on +27 (0)11 763 2925.