Community activities: FSG and Calgro builds a park

Witpoortjie is a quiet suburban area in Roodepoort. The newly established community is a diverse group of people. There are newlyweds, families with children of different ages, and retired folks. The area lacks recreational facilities for the community, so FSG is stepping in to provide a little muscle and a lot of planning. Calgro M3 Holdings, a world-class developer, shares this initiative with us. It was their prerogative to launch this park as a Centenary Celebration for Mandela day 2018.

Their idea was mainly to have a park for the community at the Witpoortjie estate which is in development for those living there to have an area to exercise or just relax and can accommodate large quantities of families or friends. We’re excited to work on this project, especially because we’re collaborating with some of the top developers – Calgro M3 Holdings. Our expectations are exceptionally high for this project.

community activities

A park for all manner of community activities

We’re building a park! As with all our projects, we’re not building a stock-standard park like the ones you’d expect in a public area. We’re building a play paradise that’s suited to the community activities of everyone.

The list of facilities included in our design has been carefully considered. We want to be sure that everyone will find something that serves their interests and purposes. There are three phases to this project, we’ve just completed phase one.

Phase one is complete: Children’s play area and jogging trail

We want to create a fun environment for everyone, making community activities fun and easy to participate in. We decided to start with the children’s area, they are a great source of inspiration in this project. To create the atmosphere we had in mind, we looked at the way bubbles float in the wind, carefree. Like a bubble, the shape of the play area where activities are enjoyed is round.

Tossed through the air by the breeze, bubbles naturally drift lazily at points and gain a little adventurous speed in others. We wanted this play area to reflect that lightness, the fluidity of movement. That’s how we designed the jogger’s pathway to weave with easy weightlessness. It will pause, at times, to climb over slower sections with deliberation and falling with momentum in others. The path has long slow turns and also fast, sharp corners. The unpredictability keeps the trail interesting and makes the walking experience enjoyable.

Throughout the park, there are bursts of colour – like, for example, in the shade netting on the play area. The play equipment and rubber matting are vibrant and attractive. We want the colours to summon excitement and drawing children like a magnet. Once the children are amused, mothers and other family members will naturally start to gather outside. This further lays the foundations for community activities and forming friendships.

community activities

Plans for further development to enable more community activities are underway

We gave preference to the needs of the children by prioritising their play area in our first phase. We did this because play and outdoor time are so crucial to the development and well-being of children. With no other play areas or outdoor facilities, we wanted that aspect up and ready ASAP.

The second phase of the project will include the building and construction of the amphitheater and the soccer field. We hope this will invite adults outdoors to shrug off their Monday to Friday worries and stresses to partake in happy outdoor time.

As the project progresses, we will continue to keep you updated. If you have any questions or comments about the work we do, get in touch. We love to hear from our readers. Make a difference in your area and build a park to uplift your community. Get in touch with us today!