Extractor fan services and maintenance

FSG has recently added a new service to their turn-key artillery, servicing and maintaining extractor fan systems. The purpose of an extractor fan is to draw steam and residual particles out of a building, improving health and safety standards by minimising the risk of fires.

Extractor fans are great for areas with minimal ventilation. Typically, you can expect to find extractor fans above stoves, especially in industrial kitchens. Oil and fat molecules are carried in the rising steam during the cooking process, and they adhere to kitchen surfaces. An extractor fan will pull this rising steam and the oil or fat molecules contained in it, out of the building, before it sticks to any of the surfaces.

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FSG Extraction Canopy Cleaning

A clean extraction canopy is essential for adequate Health and Safety compliance. Extraction canopies that have not been cleaned are responsible for the majority of kitchen fires in commercial buildings. This is why only a trained professional should undertake the task of extraction canopy cleaning. If you instruct employees to do the cleaning, there is an increase in the health and safety risk to those members of staff and to the business owner.

Filter cleaning is a hazard prevention process. The filter back is a crucially important part. It ensures that the correct amounts of grease are dispensed onto the fan and into the duct. Regular cleaning on the outside and inside will help to prevent the risk of fires.

During the cleaning or servicing of the filters, FSG will clean all the filters that are still in good condition.

FSG is trained and certified to perform these tasks, we comply with COID legislation, our cleaning materials are SABS 1823 approved and environmentally friendly. All work is completed to SANS 1853 requirements. We are also proud members of the NCCA.

FSG Duct Cleaning

This specialist service entails a thorough clean, and leaks are sealed. Both the vertical and horizontal ducts are cleaned and the grease is removed.

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extractor fan

FSG Extraction Fan & Outlet

Ensuring the fan is clean will help to provide a more effective flow, thereby added to the efficacy of the fan. A clean fan will also last longer, being less likely to burn out. The fan motor, housing, blades, outlets and weather cowl will be assessed and treated accordingly. After being cleaned, the efficiency of the airflow will be tested. As with all of our services, FSG will provide a cleaning certificate stating what was done.

FSG Cleaning Certificates SANS 1850:2014

FSG is certified and skilled at repairing and servicing extractor fans. Upon completion of a service, we will provide a cleaning certificate. The certificate will contain information on the services that were done. The date of completion and the due date for the next service will also be stated. Adhering to these dates will help to keep your extractor fan in good condition. Fire Departments, Health Departments and Insurance companies may require these certificates. They provide valuable information in the case of fires and other disasters.

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Fresh air, good hygiene

FSG offers incredible extractor fan services. We service both existing systems and new installations. FSG offers cleaning certificates as per SANS 1850. We offer after hours scheduling of work, and we cater for emergencies and breakdowns that require urgent attention. We can evaluate your needs and make professional recommendations around your preferences. For more information, get in touch.