Security service: The 5-point plan to comprehensive safety

security service

Keeping your premises safe by means of security service requires a multi-faceted approach. It’s not only about ensuring your valuables are safe, but it’s also about creating a safe space for people to be each day, without peering over their shoulders worrying. Nothing can destroy a business as fast as word on the street that visitors run the risk of being hijacked or attacked.

FSG supplies security services that are completely customisable, ensuring your property’s weaknesses are secured and protected. We are passionate about safety, which is why we have this 5-point plan every business should utilise. This 5-point plan is designed to cover each of our 5 senses, representing eyes and ears on the ground.

Have a professional security service assess your property to locate its weak points.

It’s vital to identify your weak points. The areas you notice may be lacking in security may only be the tip of the iceberg. Criminals have developed the ability to spot opportunity where the rest of us wouldn’t have guessed there’s a vague chance of breaching. A professional draws from experience, they have worked with many people who have experienced trespassers, burglaries, and other forms of crime. This has given them insight into the way criminals think and operate, where they see opportunity and how to deter incidences. Evaluation is very personal, it means your actual weak points will be addressed. It is up to you to decide whether or not you wish to go ahead with the work, but identifying these key areas is a vital starting point.

Security service sense one: Eyes – CCTV

CCTV is like having eyes at the back of your head, like your teachers used to tell you at school, except that it’s the real deal. It’s not possible to keep an eye on everything all the time, which is why footage matters so much. CCTV is capable of wirelessly feeding footage to you from the filmed location to you, anywhere in the world, in real time. CCTV cameras deter criminal activity and provide valuable evidence, should it be needed.

Security service sense two: Ears – Alarm

An alarm system not only alerts your ears, but it also alerts your neighbours’ ears and your armed response unit’s ears, too. An alarm system doesn’t prevent someone from breaking and entering, but it gives them a very narrow time limit to perform their criminal activities or be caught. Many arrests are made by security service companies who react fast. According to statistics, an alarm is a major deterrent to burglars who prefer an easy and quiet target.

Security service sense three: Touch – Access Control

Access Control is like having a security guard on site, 24/7. Only authorised persons are able to enter, and a record of all entries and their times are also kept. Touch is our tactile sense, it gives us a feel for our environment. Access control ensures only people you trust can enter and get a feel for your premises.

Security service sense four: Mouth – Guarding

Security service guard services represent the mouth and speech in our security metaphor. Effective guarding beats any automated system you have in place to protect your premises. Unwanted visitors are often able to disguise themselves as couriers or other business people to gain entry via an intercom. Security service guards with training will know how to evaluate each person entering a property and at which point to report suspicious activity. You can’t beat the actual eyes and ears of a human that’s present.

Security service and its ability to give you peace of mind

We take safety and security service very seriously. Below are services that boost your safety and ensure you can travel away comfortably and rest assured, all is well.

Other services to consider:

FSG’s security department focuses on securing your property by making it impenetrable. Secondly, we ensure if someone does breach your barriers, you’ll be notified instantly, as well as law enforcement. We have invested extra time into our procedures to ensure any perpetrators that are caught are brought to justice, after all, everyone loves a good ending. Contact FSG and get your free evaluation – it’s important to know your property’s weak points. From there, we can discuss how to address it, to give you peace of mind.