Our landscaping services division is where it all began. Our team’s skills are as diverse as our projects, giving us both the manpower and the expertise to deliver large-scale landscaping services from the planning phase and installation, through to sign-off and ongoing maintenance.

Maintenance landscaping: Our garden maintenance programs ensure your grounds are trimmed, neat, and vibrant throughout the year. Our photo-reporting and KPI system keeps you updated on the condition of your property, giving you a stress-free reassurance of your maintenance status at all times.

Dams and streams: We create and maintain large-scale agricultural dams, ponds, and natural streams on residential or commercial properties. Our dams and streams are designed to blend with the natural landscape, seamlessly.

Ponds, pools, and water feature construction: Your premises should be a space of serenity. Invite natural bird and animal life closer with an eco-friendly answer to water-storage. These gardening services create an oasis of life that thrives in even the densest urban environments.

Wetlands: Our wetland landscaping services include the spectrum of service, from the construction of designated areas to ongoing maintenance and commercial gardening services that ensure optimal health of all living things within the wetland ecosystem. Our work gives your business the environmental stamp of approval.

Irrigation in commercial gardening services: We tackle every aspect of irrigation from conception to completion – system design, installation, and maintenance. Our irrigation systems add value to your space while improving your environmental status. FSG Landscaping Division is a proud member of the Landscape Irrigation Association of SA (LIA). We are proud to have an advanced LIA qualification for irrigation.

Hardscapes: Transform your outdoor space to include a relaxation area and a dining facility. Our hardscape landscaping services address the needs of the commercial and residential sectors to enhance first impressions and welcome visitors.

Paving: Professional paving creates easy access to entranceways. Paved paths also help to direct first-time visitors while adding to your curb appeal. Paved driveways, parking areas, and outdoor spaces are poised for perfect first-impressions and easy wheelchair access.

Sports fields and lawned areas: Sports fields and large grass areas are different. They require a unique approach to maintenance. FSG’s landscaping services division specialises in the specific needs of the sportsfield for optimal sports performance. The lawn is kept vibrant and neatly trimmed all year with our specialised equipment.

Tree felling: Our tree-felling team is trained to perform this technical task with enormous precision, but our services do come fully insured. We operate large-scale projects for this sector, removing unwanted or invasive trees. We leave the area neat and tidy once the job is done.

Our team is a passionate group. We take the time to instil great soft skills to ensure our team is a pleasure to conduct business around. Upon requesting a quote, you will be assigned a dedicated representative who will take care of all your needs. One point of contact, a whole world of landscaping and property soft services.