The View Wedding Venue

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The View Wedding Venue was formerly known as Nyati and Ingwe Wedding Venue. It had an eclectic style, in which rustic, African themes and Roman statues were brought together, alongside a large Eiffel Tower feature. The project required a skilled landscaper to bring the outdoors to life, to better match the newly renovated interiors. The site has breathtaking views and clean, neat lines in its design. FSG envisioned something modern for this contemporary venue.

FSG adds magic to the wedding venue

The idea was to keep with simple, elegant elements, allowing the views from the terraces to take the spotlight. We added new pathways of dove grey flamed granite in all the main areas. We created an effective contrast against the white building with focal pots of green plants. As a final touch, we framed the building with a water feature at the foot of the new staircase.

The site is built on a steep hillside, which presented a challenge. The team had to carry 450mm x 900mm flamed granite stepping stones from the bottom parking lot to the highest part of the wedding venue, in order to create a new walkway, or aisle, for brides to walk down.

Getting all the pots to their designated places was another major challenge! Some of them were almost 2 metres tall, and the fact that they are made of concrete means they were extremely heavy. As always, FSG put some muscle into the job and delivered excellence.

wedding venue

Looking up at the entrance to see the large pots at the columns, and the magnificent statement they make is the greatest reward. The sense of satisfaction you get from looking out at the view from the top chapel is equally rewarding, especially since we removed the old-fashioned gum-pole railings.

The client now has a modern landscape that compliments the building. The outdoor chapel is the main feature, and its beauty is sure to attract more engaged couples to this beautiful venue!